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 About me

My career as a photographer began in 1997 when I decided to venture into what has always been one of my great passions. After a year of collaborations with different agencies and photo studios, I founded my own practice in Madrid, working as an independent photographer in diverse fields, such as advertising, fashion, architecture, design and press releases.   


In 2003 my photographic career took a turn, with the coverage of the Iraqi conflict as a freelance photojournalist. This experience opened new perspectives to me and I extended my field of work to reporting conflicts.

My first reportages were published in the magazines Cambio 16, War Heat, Interview, and Tiempo. I collaborated on a regular basis with EFE News Agency and the National Association of News and TV Graphic Reporters (ANIGP-TV).


It was during that time that I founded the agency SYNCHRO&Ralph Schneider adopting the latter as a pseudonym for my work. I headed the agency until late 2014, when I retired from photojournalism and centered my activity in studio work and photo reportage.   


Currently, I continue working as an independent photographer and I realize one or two trips a year to cover themes of my own interest.



Phone:  0034 / 645 605 589 · 0034 / 629 240 877

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